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About Relaxus UK

Why Choose Relaxus UK?

We’re here to help you help your patients. Our suppliers are some of the biggest names in the field of therapeutic products, and in some cases, we’re the main British distributor. As well as our comprehensive range, we also know and understand the therapy business like no other supplier. We’re always happy to discuss your practice’s and patients’ needs, and will work with you to choose the best options. We also sell directly to customers who are looking for wellness and relaxation products they can use at home. Find out more about the UK’s leading distributor and manufacturer of health and therapeutic products.

A Range Of Trusted Brands

We distribute only the best and most trusted therapeutic products from leading suppliers across the globe. Our suppliers include innovators such as Body Support Systems, who designed the first complete body support systems, and environmentally-aware brands like CryoDerm, who work with natural ingredients in their pain-relief products. Scroll down to see some of the other leading brands we work with.

Therapeutic Products For Professional And Home Use

Whether you’re a medical practitioner, a sports coach or simply need some at-home wellbeing products, Relaxus UK can help. Our range of products for professionals gives therapists or spa owners like yourself a one-stop-shop for the consulting room. The products for home use that we stock are designed for ease-of-use by individuals wanting to supplement their professional treatment. From home office workers in need of some extra support to athletes keen to get back on the track, we have a wide range of health products for a variety of needs.

Products For Medical And Therapeutic Practitioners

From massage lotions right through to full body support systems, we’ve been distributing quality professional products since 2008. Our clients include physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists and sports physios, as well as spa managers. We want to help you give your patients and clients the treatment and support they need. If you have any questions about our professional therapy products, or need advice about which products are right for your specialisms, please contact us at Relaxus UK.

Equipment For Massage And Spa Professionals

From holsters to hold your Biotone bottle right through to the latest massage tables, we can help you equip your consulting room. We’ve thought of everything, including models and wall charts that will help you explain the human body to clients. Our large-size bottles of oils, creams and gels are excellent value for your practice, and you can also buy smaller-sized versions for resale at your practice or spa.

Chiropractic And Physiotherapy Equipment

Again, we can help you set up your consulting room, or you can simply top-up your supplies. Look out for everyday essentials like resistance bands and kinesiology tape, as well as larger purchases such as massage tables, chairs and stools. You can also stock up on covers and pillow cases.

Products For Home Use

There are many occasions where some additional self-help can be of real benefit. For example, exercises from your physio or sports instructor, or topical pain relief for injury or inflammation. At Relaxus UK, we have a carefully-chosen selection of therapeutic products suitable for home use. Always consult a qualified practitioner before trying therapeutic treatments at home.

Pain Relief And Massage Products

Manage pain topically with products from brands such as CryoDerm and Biotone, who offer a range of heat and cold treatments. It’s not always possible to visit a masseur. Our selection of massage products helps you target areas of pain or tension at home, including massaging those hard-to-reach pressure points.

Inversion Therapy

Inversion therapy equipment uses gravity to relive tension and pain, by releasing pressure on the discs, extending the spine, and improving circulation. Many people also find the inversion process a helpful way of destressing. The Invertrac Bent-Knee inverter is ideal for home use, or for smaller consulting rooms.


Designed to take a holistic approach to care, our wellbeing collection includes a new range of transdermal magnesium therapies which ensure you meet your daily intake. Also look out for salt lamps that will create a healthy home ambience.

Yoga And Meditation

Many of us practise yoga at home, and the equipment you need to get started is really simple. Have a look at Relaxus UK’s range of yoga mats, cushions and bricks. In a choice of vibrant colours and designs, many items from our Yoga And Meditation range would also make excellent gifts.


Like yoga, exercising at home is a popular pastime, and can be easier to fit in around a busy lifestyle than a trip to the gym. Equipment such as exercise balls and resistance bands can add new and beneficial elements to your regular workout.

How Can We Help You?

To find out more about Relaxus UK and the range of products we stock, please get in touch.