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Biotone Products on Relaxus UK

Biotone Products on Relaxus UK

Biotone's commitment is to develop massage gels, oils, lotions, butters and cremes that are innovative and quality driven. We are proud to be authorized Biotone distributors to thousands of health and well-being professionals such as Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Rehabilitation Specialists and Spa owners across the USA, Canada and Europe. Shipping is now quick and simple from our UK warehouse. Use our shipping calculator or call us for custom quotes and stock inquiries.

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3 Item(s)

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Biotone’s Massage Products At Relaxus UK

Biotone’s professional massage and spa therapy products are used by physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists and spa teams across the globe.

Biotone uses quality ingredients that typically include natural oils and plant extracts.  Great care has been taken in perfecting the texture of Biotone’s massage range, with products that glide well, offer the right level of penetration, and provide smooth and even coverage. Professional practitioners will find a product among our range that suits their specialisms and their clients’ needs.

Biotone has a wide-ranging selection of massage products which include:


Massage Gels From Biotone

Gel gives a greater coverage than oil, so your supplies will go further. It doesn’t feel greasy, and glides on smoothly and evenly, providing a soothing massage for aching muscles and sore joints. Biotone also makes an organic version in various sizes, which is unscented and paraben-free.

Look out for “Worry-free Washout.” This is an innovative formulation used by Biotone in some of its products, which ensures it washes off easily and doesn’t leave a mark on fabric. This thoughtful touch will be much appreciated by your clients.


Biotone Lotions

Biotone produces a deep-tissue lotion to be used for knotted muscles and trigger points. Using lotion ensures that there is some friction in the glide; however, the Hawaiian kukui nut, almond and pecan oils prevent it from becoming sticky and trickier to work with.

The hydrating lotion range is more about wellbeing than muscle therapy, with a selection of beautifully scented natural ingredients. These appealing lines are aimed more at the spa professional than medical and therapeutic practitioners.


Pain-relief Lotions

Biotone’s Polar Lotion contains menthol, and is aimed at providing topical relief from injuries, aches and pains. It’s popular with sports massage professionals and physiotherapists. It quickly cools and soothes, then gives long-lasting pain relief.


Massage Cremes By Biotone

A massage creme combines the glide of an oil with the deeper penetration of a lotion. These absorbent cremes can be used for a variety of massage techniques, while providing nourishment for your client’s skin. The Dual Purpose Massage Cream has arnica for relief and aloe that soothes. The Organic creme range is unscented and hypo-allergenic, and provides deep hydration with a non-greasy finish.

For sports massages, aching joints and sore muscles, Biotone Muscle & Joint Therapeutic Massage Creme gives you a smooth glide for a highly effective massage. Please note: this product contains Glucosamine which is derived from shellfish.


Biotone Massage Oil

If you prefer to use a the more traditional application of massage oil, we have a choice of Biotone products. Clear Results massage oil contains jojoba oil and is light in texture, easily washing out of fabrics. Their Revitalizing oil is made from a blend of coconut, Hawaiian kukui nut and almond oils, which are lovely for your client’s skin as well as versatile to work with.


Biotone Body Butters

We also have a selection of Biotone body butters, which again, are aimed at a high-end spa market. Popular, natural ingredients such as lavender, honey and tea tree feature in this luxurious range, which have been used for centuries. There are partnering lotions that use the same ingredients. 


Small Pots And Samples

If you want to try a particular Biotone product for your practice or for yourself, some lines are available in small quantities. For example, try the Advanced Therapy Massage Gel in a 1oz bottle before investing in the one gallon jar (but we’re confident you’ll like this light, seed-based massage gel…).


Biotone Accessories

We have a selection of Biotone accessories for the professional therapist, such as this bottle holster with an adjustable belt and an empty bottle with a pump. The jar holster is a useful and smart accessory for the spa treatment room, leaving both your hands free.


About Biotone

Biotone started out as a small natural skin care business before branching out into the massage industry. Since 1980, Biotone has grown into a well-regarded provider of quality massage products, a spa range, and a collection of retail spa lines.

Biotone has always supported research into the benefits of massage therapy, and founder Jean Shea has been recognised by the industry for her contribution. Biotone does not test any of its products on animals.


Biotone At Relaxus UK

If you’d like to find out about Biotone or any of our other health and wellbeing ranges, please contact us at Relaxus UK. We work with medical, therapeutic and spa practitioners to find the right products for their patients and clients’ needs.