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4 Steps to Love Marketing Your Practice

As a health and wellness professional, your number one priority is to help people. That is clearly why you do what you do. However, you also know that you have to make a living. You have probably tried different methods to gain new clients, but might have felt somewhat guilty for selling “yourself”. In the end of the day, you are a healer and it is not in your nature to market. What if we told you that marketing is only a term and what matters is how you look at it and what you make of it? Here are 4 steps that will change the way you think about marketing your services forever. And beware, you might fall in love with marketing...

4 Steps to Love Marketing Your Practice

1. Marketing is Not Self-Promotion

The common assumption is that as a health and wellness practitioner, you should promote yourself and put your services into the center of attention. But here is the thing: It is not about you, it is about being of service and helping others to achieve positive results in their lives. With this in mind, creating your marketing materials will become much easier and effective at the same time. Don’t focus on "What I do", but focus on "What I can do for you" when you are communicating with people, on or offline. Your ideal message should include the following:

  • A detailed description of the benefits you're offering
  • State the positive changes one will experience
  • Exude confidence to gain trust
  • Present a call to-action

2. Solving Real Problems

A Physiotherapist at Work

Keep in mind that what clients care about is that their problems will be solved. How they will be solved is less important. Therefore, when you prepare your marketing materials, do not focus on what you do or how you do it. Think in terms of your clients’ point of view, and keep the focus on what’s in it for them. As an example, if you offer massage therapy for pregnant women and know that they want to feel better during pregnancy, communicate first and foremost that you will make them feel better. The "how" is less important. Always remember that you are solving serious problems and that is why people come to you in the first place. Letting them know that you can do that for them will fulfill you on a whole new level. It is important to not assume, but to ask what the problems are that keep your ideal clients awake. Then you will be able to speak to the right people, at the right time.

3. Impacting the Lives of More People

Physiotherapy Session

What matters to you most is serving others. With your knowledge, there is so much more you can do than helping people in your sessions. Use the internet as a tool to teach people how to improve their lives when they are not with you. As you know, there are so many aspects to a healthy lifestyle. Be someone that acts as a teacher to people on a regular basis. There is no better way than doing so on Social media or your Website. The possibilities are limitless, and you know what your intentions for spreading this information are; giving your best to inspire and serve as many people as possible. Showing up with so much authenticity alone will lead to success and marketing itself will become a by-product.

4. Creating a Community

Class After Practice

Wherever people go, they want to feel comfortable and safe. Especially in your field, it is crucial to make your clients feel at home. By creating an online community for your client base, you can create an intimate space they can always turn to. Not even do they have your support, but they can exchange information with people who are in similar situations. Think about it this way: You have the possibility to create a new platform for people that can make them feel better by being there and connecting to others. When it comes to the marketing perspective, this community becomes a valuable source for you to collect feedback from people and keep improving.

As you see, all the steps that we presented are a natural extension of the invaluable services you already provide. The benefits that come with these are improving people’s lives, as well as organically attracting people that want you to help them. Remember, marketing is not about you. It is about the value you add to other people’s lives. Did you like these steps? Do you apply any other tools that improve your marketing? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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