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8 Marketing Tips for Health and Wellness Professionals

As a Health, Fitness or Wellness Professional, you know how to serve and help your clients with your expertise. If you are self employed, you not only have to provide the best services, but also know how to constantly stand out and attract new clientele. In recent years, acquiring some marketing knowledge has become inevitable. We want to support you by listing the most important things you need to do to stay competitive in your field. Using these tips will give you a huge advantage over your competition and make you stand out online.

8 Marketing Tips for Health and Wellness Professionals

1. Be Present on Social Media

Being present and active on Social Media as a Health, Fitness or Wellness professional will help you find and connect with potential clients. Platforms such Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest can be used effectively to attract the right people to your services. When choosing a platform, try to find out which ones your potential customers might use. Once you’ve opened each account, invest time in building your profiles and make them as informative as possible. Once all is in place, try to maintain a posting schedule that would keep your followers interested and engaged. The content should be informative, understandable and shareable. Photos of your work place, health advice, motivational quotes, fun facts and success stories of your clients will impress your audience on an entire new level.


2. Create a Blog

If you already have a website, blogging can be an effective way to attract more traffic. Google “loves” websites that are content-rich and updated often. On the blog, you can demonstrate your expertise and knowledge. Helpful and interesting content such as product recommendations, health tips and industry trends can add a lot of credibility to your image as a health or wellness professional. Plan ahead how frequently you will add new content, and stick with it. Consistent new content on your website will definitely pay off in the long term.

3. Ask for Testimonials

Showing what you did and how you’ve helped others will make a tremendous difference on your website and social media channels. If your clients are pleased with your services, ask them to share their experiences. This will make potential clients trust you more, and they will be more confident to start a work relationship with you. If your clients are not sure what to write, give them a few questions to answer which you think might be relevant.

4. Get Professional Photos and Videos Done

Invest in a professional photoshoot where great shots of you are taken in your work environment. Additionally, short videos where you present your services can be very powerful. You can use this content on your website and social media channels, as well as in ads. If people see you in a professional and likable light, they will be more comfortable to contact you. Not only is visual content more likely to be seen by more people, but it will also create trust and familiarize clients with you and your work.

Speaker at a conference

5. Become an Expert Speaker

Have a look around in your city and find relevant events and places related to your field. Host lectures, become a guest speaker and teach others about your field. This is a great way to attract new clients face to face, which is the most powerful way to build relationships. Online Marketing is extremely important nowadays, but real life meetings are often underrated. Use these opportunities to expose what you have to offer to the world.

6. Use Groupon

Giving a discount on Groupon could get you a whole new audience. People love good deals, and a deal aggregator is a perfect way for you to get your name out there and let a new crowd find you. Offer a nice discount and let those first time clients have a great experience. These will likely come back to you and additionally spread the word about your services.

7. Leverage your Current Client Base

Be creative with how you can make your current clients recommend you or come back more regularly. Offer them discounts and gifts on each recommendation or bulk purchase. Collect email addresses and send out special offers once a month, engaging your clients to share something about you online. The possibilities are limitless, this is where you can think out-of-the-box.

Evening Marketing Class

8. School’s Never Over

It is never too late to invest in your skills. Learning new Marketing tactics will grant you a big advantage as a Health or Wellness professional. There are various useful Marketing evening classes or even Online courses you can sign up to. Especially Online, things keep changing rapidly, and keeping up to date with the newest trends is essential. Take the first step today- and continue boosting your skills while being the best professional you can be.

Perhaps you have tested some of these, or other approaches already. What works best for you? Let us know in the comments!

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