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The Health Benefits of Inversion Therapy

The practice of inversion therapy involves being upside-down or at an inverted angle with the intention of achieving therapeutic benefits. When hanging upside down, the effect of gravity on the human body is reversed. That means that tension in the spine is relieved and instant relief from pain is possible. Furthermore, reversing can have additional benefits beyond relieving back pain. It can also help reduce back pain, clear muscle congestion, improve blood circulation and much more. Portable inversion devices such as the Invertrac can be used in the comfort of your home or office and are also a great addition to any chiropractic and orthopaedic practices.

The Health Benefits of Inversion Therapy

Back Pain Relief

There are many causes that can lead to back pain, such as bad posture, weak back or stomach muscles and muscles spasms. These causes can be attributed to the force of gravity. Therefore, inversion therapy puts gravity to work by turning your body around which elongates the spine, increases the space between the vertebrae, which also relieves the pressure on discs, nerve roots and ligaments. This can lead to a relief in many types of back pain.

Back Pain

Care and Feeding for Discs

Disk separation is crucial to maintain communication between the brain and the body through nerves that run between each vertebra. “Weight-bearing activities” such as sitting, standing and exercising result in compressed discs and therefore the discs lose their cushioning effect. Nerve root pressure and pain can result from insufficient distance between the vertebrae. Besides sleeping, using an inversion table is another "non-weight bearing activity" and provides back pain relief and other benefits. The spine is stretched, so the space between each vertebra increases and the pressure on the discs decreases.

Stress Relief

Stress can cause back and neck pain, headaches and muscle tension. Inversion therapy helps to relieve tension and pain in the muscles and is a great way to take a break and relax. Yoga practice is another form of inversion therapy that uses the concept of turning the body upside down to find relaxation. However, headstands are not for everyone and thus inversion devices can provide an easy alternative with the same benefits.

Improved Circulation and Acceleration of the Cleansing of Blood and Lymph Fluids

The cardiovascular system is the body's transportation system, carrying food and oxygen to your body's cells. Inversion therapy and the use of products such as bent-knee inversion tables can improve the circulation process by allowing the body to work with gravity. Additionally, inversion supports the lymphatic systems. Lymphatic fluid can move up more efficiently and the faster the lymphatic system is cleared, the faster the ache and pain of stiff muscles disappears.

Blood Circulation

Increased Oxygen Flow to the Brain

The brain is the body's largest consumer of oxygen and the heart must work against gravity to pump blood up to reach it. "Upside down activities" are highly recommended to increase oxygen supply to the brain, which can improve the physical state of the entire brain. It can also stimulate mental alertness and create a sense of improved hearing and vision. Inversion therapy is an easy and effective way to improve oxygen supply to the brain.

Enabling the Body to Stretch and Re-Align

Compression of the spine is involved in almost every physical activity. Activities such as running, weightlifting, aerobics, skiing and biking exacerbate the compressive effect of gravity and exact an incredible toll on the spine, discs, and back muscles. One-sided activities such as golf, water skiing, tennis, bowling, racquetball, and baseball can be particularly troublesome, since they usually involve rotation of the spine, often under incredible loads. Moreover, the spine may the pulled out of alignment, as the body will tend to overcompensate for the strong-side muscle groups. Other activities such as skating, swimming, cycling, windsurfing and rowing tend to create tension in the muscles and lower back strain. Thus, inversion after various physical activities may help to realign the spine and keep athletes performing at higher levels for longer periods of time.


Balance and Orientation Training

Inversion training helps to develop balance awareness, which occurs when the upper regions of the inner ear are stimulated. Skydivers, gymnasts, springboard divers and scuba divers can fine-tune their bodies and inner ear. Furthermore, Inversion therapy has been used to normalize the ear canal in order to treat motion sickness.

Strengthening Ligaments

Ligaments are flexible fibrous strips that hold the bones together. They are not very elastic and can tear when they are stretched too much. On the other hand, they can become stiff, inelastic and more easily torn if they are not moved regularly in the right way. Inversion strengthens ligaments and connective tissue, and helps to protect athletes from serious injuries.

Gravity is the most powerful force your body will experience during your life. Inversion therapy offers a routine that helps to slow or reverse the harmful compression of the body by gravity. Inversion devices such as the Invertrac can be extremely beneficial, and can be used regularly in the convenience of your own home or practice. The experience of many users who invert regularly is that it gives them the relief from back pain they've been looking for. Additionally, they gain the rejuvenating effects of inversion on the entire body, providing health benefits far beyond the relief of back pain.

Important Disclaimer

Inversion therapy is not suitable for everyone. Please consult your healthcare professional if you have high blood pressure, heart disease, glaucoma or any other medical concerns that should be considered before inverting.

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