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Original bodyCushion 4 Piece

The bodyCushion is a high-tech, high-quality body positioning system that allows a person to lie in any position without unnecessary pressure on soft tissue areas.

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Body Support Systems

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Product Description

The bodyCushion is a high-tech, high-quality body positioning system that allows a person to lie in any position without unnecessary pressure on soft tissue areas. Supporting the body on its bony structures - clavicles, ribs, sternum, pelvis - enables the body's soft structural components to relax, deeply. bodyCushion is unmatched in enabling this effect. When the body is relaxed, all types of therapy are easier and more effective. This is the 4-piece set which includes the Face, Chest, and Pelvic, and Leg Supports. All pieces are connected with Velcro straps. This system comes with printed instructions. Available in Blue.

The bodyCushion 4 Piece

The original bodyCushionTM was the first orthopaedic cushion of its kind, and remains a top choice among medical and therapeutic practitioners.

The vinyl-covered high-tech foam cushions prevent the discomfort caused by the patient’s bony areas putting pressure on their soft tissue.

Its four separate sections are designed to support the patient in the most natural and relaxed position possible, while giving you, the practitioner, easy access to the areas you’re working with. You’re both comfortable and at ease; and because there is less tension in your patient’s body, therapeutic treatment is more effective.

When patients are choosing between two practices, they will go for the one where their comfort is treated as important. If you have this ergonomic support system as opposed to a flat table, you are going to provide greater patient satisfaction. The result: a reputation as a patient-first and sensitive practice.


The Sections Of The bodyCushion 4 piece

The bodyCushion is available in 3 and 4 piece sets. The 4 piece is a versatile option which can be used for a range of treatments. The four pieces are:

  • Face support
  • Chest support
  • Pelvic support
  • Leg support (this is split into two sections)

The 3 piece set doesn’t have the leg support section.

The breathable face support allows the head to fall naturally forward without strain on the upper body. The chest and pelvic pieces ensure the body is not lying flat, which increases tension. The split leg piece allows you to gently position the patient with their knees slightly raised, and you can access the legs separately.

The sections are connected by robust Velcro, ensuring they are easy to separate but will stay firmly in place.

You may need to separate them for cleaning, transport, to insert extra sections (such as the breast protector component) or if you don’t need to use all the pieces (for example for young infants).


The Benefits Of The bodyCushion

The system is much-favoured by medical and therapeutic practitioners because it ensures their patients can lie in a comfortable position without pressure on soft tissue. Physical therapy is more effective if the patient is relaxed. With no uncomfortable pressure from their ribs, clavicle, sternum or pelvis digging into them, your patient is supported and at ease.

The bodyCushionTM is adaptable for a wide variety of treatments and therapies, as well as patient body types. Thanks to the four components, you can work on all areas of the body while ensuring minimal physical tension. The patient is more comfortable than they would be on a flat table, while you have access to the areas you need to reach.

As an extra benefit, the bodyCushionTM is portable, so you can easily move between consulting rooms or visit patients at home.

Options And Accessories

You can choose between two colours: cream and blue. As well as the cover sets, there are other accessories available that help you look after your bodyCushion.


Caring For Your bodyCushion

The bodyCushionis easy to look after. It’s made from wipe-clean vinyl ensuring that your daily care routine is simple. Use warm water with a mild soap, then gently towel dry the cushions.

The vinyl may crack with time, due to oils gradually forming a hard coating on the surface. This can easily be preventing by using 100% cotton cover sets. These are machine washable, and provide a soft, comfortable and hygienic surface for your patients, as well as protecting the vinyl.


About Body Support

American company Body Support created the original bodyCushionTM in 1986, based on the founder’s own difficulty in finding a comfortable position for his therapeutic patients. This ground-breaking product was the first full-body positioning cushion on the market. Body Support have since developed a range of further orthopaedic positioning products.

If you want to know more about the bodyCushionTM or Relaxus UK’s range of Body Support products, please contact us. We’ll discuss the best options for you and your patients.


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Additional Information
Manufacturer Body Support Systems
Customer Reviews (1)
Great Product - Great service
i was not sure at start but i call Relaxus Europe office to receive more information,
WOW amazing service by very nice lady that explain to me about the system and the many ways of uses.

I feel like a new person with my back problems now,
Thank you Relaxus for changing my life J
Review by Mrs. Webb (Posted on 16/12/2015)
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