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Invertrac Bent Knee Inversion

BAINV - The Invertrac offers a safe, affordable and comfortable way to invert in the privacy of a patients own home. Sturdy construction makes it an ideal unit for the professional with limited office space. Adjustable user dimensions, balanced for safety and hand grips for safe mounting and dismounting. Height adjustment knob allows easy fold-away.

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Product Description

Invertrac Inversion Table Unique Features

  • Restraint Bar, adjustable to users dimensions.
  • Comfortable, Contoured and Cushioned Thigh Support Seat.
  • Unique Free-Swinging Bar, carefully balanced for easy inversion and safe dismount.
  • Femur Length Adjustment Dial, adjustable to users dimensions.
  • Height Adjustment Knob, designed for easy fold-away.
  • Handgrips, allow for careful mounting and dismounting.
  • Sidegrips, firm grip for proper mount and dismount
  • M-Beam design allows for extra gentle extensions

Inversion Therapy Benefits

  • Counters the degenerative effects of gravity.
  • Allows for the benefits of spinal decompression without trauma to ankle, knee, or hip joints.
  • Allows for inversion in the bent knee position by flattening out the lumbar curve, maximizing 
    traction to this area.
  • Helps eliminate stress and tension by stretching spine and back muscles.
  • Enhances circulation.
  • Is easy to use, as the user gently settles into the inverted position, providing back pain relief.

Medical Warning

Please consult your medical professional prior to use of Invertrac should you have any of the medical conditions below or others contrary to inversion. 

  • Hiatus hernia
  • Glaucoma
  • High blood pressure (hypertension)
  • Dizziness
  • Bone weakness (osteoporosis, recent unhealed fractures, medullary pins, artificial hip joints or other orthopedic supports surgically implanted)
  • Cardiovascular insufficiencies in the limbs
  • After head injury
  • Poorly co-ordinated
  • Fainting spells
  • Acute spinal injury
  • Disoriented if upside down
  • Weak or frail
  • Retinal detachment
  • Cerebral sclerosis
  • Recent stroke or transient ischemic attack
  • Heart and circulatory disorders for which you are being treated
  • Acutely swollen joints
  • Chronic sinusitis
  • Motion sickness or inner ear disorders
  • Or any other medical condition that may be made more severe by an elevation of blood pressure, intercranial pressure or the mechanical stress of the inverted position, should be considered contraindication to inversion therapy.

Relaxus Products is committed to your health and safety. Thank you for your understanding.

The Invertrac Bent Knee Inversion Unit

Gain the health benefits of inversion therapy with the Invertrac Bent Knee Inversion unit. It’s compact, portable and easy to use; and allows you to enjoy comfortable and secure inversion exercises in the privacy of your own home. 

With adjustable user dimensions and a robust yet foldable frame, it’s the perfect inversion unit for a home or smaller professional consulting room.


How Does Inversion Therapy Work?

The passage of time and daily life can play havoc with our backs, compressing the vertebrae and causing discomfort and pain. Many people experience lower back pain at some point, and some are diagnosed with specific conditions such as sciatica or scoliosis. 

Inversion therapy works by stretching and realigning the spine. While your patient or you are held in the inverted position, the gaps between the vertebrae that have become compressed get the chance to open up again, relieving the pressure on the discs.


The Benefits Of Using The Invertrac

As well as providing pain relief from a bad back, inversion therapy using the Invertrac helps with:

  • Poor posture and neck tension
  • Blood circulation
  • Increased flow of blood to the brain
  • Lymphatic fluid circulation (helping with muscle stiffness)
  • Joint health
  • Stress
  • General fitness – it can be used as part of an exercise routine


How Does Bent Knee Inversion Differ From A Straight-Legged Design?

The Invertrac Bent Knee unit simply does what its name says: it holds the users body in a natural, bent knee position.  What are the advantages of this design over a more traditional inversion table?

  • It flattens out the lumbar area for a thorough stretch (with straight-legged tables, the lumbar area remains curved)
  • There’s no stress on the ankles, knees and hips
  • It’s a comfortable position, and can feel less daunting than using ankle straps
  • It’s more compact and portable than a classic table design
  • Ideal for both professional and personal use


Who Is The Invertrac Suitable For?

Inversion therapy is recommended for individuals with chronic lower back pain, sciatica, scoliosis and poor circulation. It’s also used by athletes to keep their spines healthy and correctly aligned, and by those who want to add an extra level of difficulty to their workouts.

It should notbe used by pregnant women or people with heart conditions, glaucoma (because of the pressure inversion puts on the eyes), high blood pressure, history of strokes, hernias, middle ear infections or osteoporosis. If the user suffers from dizzy spells, again, inversion is not a suitable treatment.

If you are buying the Invertrac for home use, please speak to your GP or physiotherapist.


The Invertrac For Physiotherapy

The bent knee design allows you to concentrate on the patient’s back, without any stress on the ankle, knee or hip joints. For nervous patients, this position is more welcoming than the classic ankle-strap design. 

It is also easy to adjust it to fit each individual user. The robust construction makes it suitable for professional as well as domestic use.

If you’re short of space in your consulting room, or would like to keep your inversion equipment conveniently stored away, this portable and folding model is a good choice. 


The Invertrac For Home Use

With its neat, fold-away frame, this is the perfect inversion unit to keep at home, or even in the office. Bars and grips make it super-easy to get in and out of, and it’s straightforward to adjust or fold up. Although the frame is robust, it’s portable and easy to store.

Please speak with your GP or physiotherapist before trying inversion therapy at home.


How To Use The Invertrac Bent Knee Inversion

The bent knee design of inversion table is easy and safe to use, including by home users. There is a simple process to follow.

  1. Stand in front of the Invertrac with your pelvis touching the cushioned thigh pad. (If it only reaches your tummy, you’ll need to stand on a short platform to be at the right height.)
  2. Lean forward, keeping hold of the handle grips.
  3. Lift one foot to raise the restraint bar.
  4. Hold the side grips and tip forward.
  5. Keep moving forward gently towards the M-shaped bar at the base.
  6. Begin to stretch out, making sure your head isn’t touching the floor, and that your thigh is against the thigh pad.


Key Features Of The Invertrac Bent Knee At A Glance

  • Comfortable and cushioned thigh support
  • Handgrips for getting on and off the unit
  • Sidegrips for a firm hold
  • Adjustable restraint bar
  • Femur length adjustable
  • Free-swinging bar for easy inversion
  • Easy to fold away
Additional Information
Additional Information
Manufacturer Invertrac
Customer Reviews (2)
I have suffered for 14 years with a bad back and went to see a new physio, he recommended that I use one of these every day after my treatment . I thought the cost was expensive but after using it, its worth every penny. The results are amazing, I am now able to train the way I did all those years ago. Don't waste you time trying anything else just buy one of these. Review by TC (Posted on 01/08/2018)
Excellent product
This is an excellent product and would highly recommend it to anyone with back issues.
Review by Hardeep (Posted on 17/07/2016)
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