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Original bodyCushion Breast Protector (Blue)

The Breast Protector is an optional chest support for the Original bodyCushion™. Provide maximum comfort in the prone position for women with large breasts or augmentations, perinatal patients, and those recovering from surgery.

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Body Support Systems

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Product Description

The Breast Protector simply replaces the bodyCushion™ bodyCushion Chest Support when needed. Please note: the Breast Protector is not compatible with the Connected bodyCushion™ because the Chest Support is permanently connected and can not be removed from the Connected model.

Made from Advanced Materials including a medical grade vinyl. Made in USA.

The Original bodyCushionTM Breast Protector

We all want our patients to be at ease. To achieve this, sometimes we need to adapt our apparatus to suit them. The Original bodyCushionTM Breast Protector is designed to replace the system’s standard chest support piece with a specially-designed segment that allows women to lie on their fronts in comfort.

Ask any woman, and she will tell you that lying flat and face-down is far from easy – and in the case of larger-breasted women, near-impossible. Add to this tender breasts from surgery or breastfeeding, and it’s clear that a conventional chest support piece is not going to work for many of your patients.


Who Benefits From The Breast Protector?

  • Women with larger breasts
  • Women who have had breast augmentations
  • Patients who are recovering from surgery
  • Perinatal women
  • The practitioner, who is able to work on their patient’s straight back

Your practice will also benefit, once word gets out that you have a special cushioned support designed to help women patients feel comfortable.


What Is The Original bodyCushionTM?

This ground-breaking product was launched by Body Support in 1986, designed to ensure that patients are supported and comfortable during treatment. The bodyCushionTM system is now used by medical and therapeutic practitioners world-wide.

The original bodyCushionTM comes in 3 piece and 4 piece options. The detachable sections are made from high-quality foam encased in robust vinyl.

The cushions protect soft tissues from pressure, supporting the bony areas such as the clavicles, ribs, sternum and pelvis. The patient is comfortable and relaxed, and the practitioner is able to reach the essential areas easily.

None of us are as comfortable lying flat, and the ergonomic design of the bodyCushionTM gently supports us in a natural position. For face-down treatment, the face support section of the bodyCushionTM ensures your patient can breathe easily and comfortably. However, in the case of many female patients, you need to make an extra adaptation to the bodyCushionTM their if treatment involves them lying on their fronts.


How Does The Breast Protector Fit In With The Original bodyCushionTM?

The three or four pieces are connected by Velcro. To use the Body Support Breast Protector, simply detach the chest support piece and replace it with the protector. When your session with that patient has finished, you can replace the Breast Protector with the original chest piece again.

This gives you a versatile treatment support cushion that can be easily adapted for patient comfort. Please note that if you have a Connected bodyCushionTM you won’t be able to use the Breast Protector accessory, as the chest piece can’t be removed. If your female patients are experiencing any discomfort in the prone position, we recommend you use a second bodyCushionTM which can be adapted to fit the Breast Protector.


How Does The Body Support Breast Protector Work?

The Breast Protector is designed to help women who have large breasts or augmentations, or are recovering from surgery. It also helps perinatal patients feel more comfortable. Realistically, there are very few women who are completely comfortable lying in the prone position without having to prop themselves up slightly on their arms, so you’ll be able to offer this option to all your female patients.

The Protector is simply a chest support piece with cut-outs on both sides, allowing the breasts to fall naturally to either side of a narrow central support strip. It comes with compatible Velcro straps, ready to be firmly attached to the face and pelvic support cushions.


How Do You Look After The Breast Protector?

The robust vinyl coating is easy to care for. It can be wiped clean with warm water and a mild soap, then gently dried with a soft cloth or towel.

However, over time, you may notice fine cracks appearing in the vinyl. This happens due to a build-up of oils, and can easily be avoided by using an elasticated cotton cover designed to fit the Breast Protector. This is soft, comfortable and hygienic for patients, and protects the vinyl from cracks and stains. The covers are available in blue or black, and are machine washable.


About Body Support

Body Support was founded in the 1980s in Oregon, USA, when therapeutic practitioner Tom Owens wanted to make his patients as comfortable as possible. The company created the original bodyCushionTM in 1986, and it was the first full-body positioning cushion on the market. Body Support have since developed a range of other orthopaedic products, including the Breast Protector accessory.

If you want to know more about the Breast Protector, the bodyCushionTM or our range of Body Support products, please contact us here at Relaxus UK. We’ll discuss your practice needs and advise you on the best options.


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