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Body Support

Developed in 1986, bodyCushion™ is now used by more than 100,000 professionals worldwide: Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Rehabilitation Specialists and other medical and therapeutic professionals. The bodyCushion™ is also used by hundreds of individuals to ease their back pain, recover from surgery, find comfort during pregnancy, or simply relax! Please take a moment to view the bodyCushion™ products and explore our site. You will find that the bodyCushion™ makes your work easier and provides you a way to get better results and more patient referrals.

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Body Support

Patient comfort comes first for all of us, and finding a pain-free position for your patients to sleep or rest in is so important for recovery.

Body Support is an American medical company specialising in providing positioning support for a range of patient needs. They produce the renowned bodyCushionTM which was the first of its kind and set the standard for orthopaedic positioning.

This is still a number one bestseller today, and the range has developed to include a selection of accessories. The cushions can be used for a range of physical needs, from lumber support to facial support for post-eye surgery recovery. The extra wedges enable you to adapt the bodyCushionsTM and there are also bags and extra cotton covers available to look after the supports.

As well as making your patients more comfortable, the Body Support products make your work easier, enabling you to settle your patients in the best positions.


The original bodyCushion

The original Body Support bodyCushionTM was the first of its kind, designed to allow you to lie in any position, in comfort. The multi-piece cushion protects key tender areas from pressure, supporting the bony areas such as the clavicles, ribs, sternum and pelvis.

The bodyCushionTM is made from high-tech fabric in a choice of blue or tan. It’s available in three piece or four-piece sets, and the separate sections can be attached together with Velcro. This segmented approach allows you to adapt the cushions for various different patient needs.


Body Support products for medical professionals

Body Support positioning aids are used by medical and therapeutic practitioners across the world. The cushions and accessories are designed for pain-free comfort, enabling your patient to feel as physically supported and as relaxed as possible.

As well as the main bodyCushionsTM, there is a range of complementing accessories for specialist uses. For example, the Original bodyCushionTM breast protector can be added to the system for women recovering from surgery or perinatal mums. There’s a breast protector cotton cover (sold separately) for extra comfort and hygiene. The comfortable arm rests will help with a range of regular procedures, from blood pressure checks to acupuncture.


Body Support products in the home

These positioning systems are wonderful for ensuring patients are comfortable in their own homes. The Original bodyCushionsTM have a range of uses, from post-surgery comfort to helping people with back aches find a pain-free sleeping position.

There are also more specialist products, such as the home recovery face support, which is used after eye surgery. If your patient needs face-down recovery time, the foam crescent attaches to the breathable face support base, and has a detachable, washable cotton cover.

Body support during pregnancy and after birth

The bodyCushionTM used with the bodyCushion adjuster caddy set can adapt to fit a woman’s changing body as her pregnancy develops. The cushions support her bump and provide relief for pelvic pressure.

When the baby is born, the breast protector and arm rests can be used to assist with breastfeeding, and she may initially find the bodyCushionTM system reassuring for support and comfort.


bodyCushionTM systems

The Full Pro Plus System gives you everything you need to support a range of positioning requirements, including a range of accessories that let you adapt the cushions for different needs and sizes. The set contains:

  • 4-Piece Original bodyCushion™ with a choice of leg supports
  • Adjuster caddy set
  • 8 cotton face crescent covers
  • Adjuster Clip-on Tote
  • Arm Rests
  • Arm Rest Clip-on Tote
  • Backpack


Looking after your Body Support

The bodyCushions™ are made from durable, wipe-clean vinyl, which can be cleaned with mild soap and warm water then towel dried.

Over time, old oils can form a hard coating which can cause the vinyl to crack, so we recommend the 100% cotton cover sets, which are available for the bodyCushionsTM . These are soft, machine washable and reversible, as well as providing a comfortable and hygienic surface which your patients will appreciate. There are also covers for the face support crescents which come in packs of eight.


About Body Support

Body Support is a US-based company, best known for its pioneering bodyCushionTM. They started out in 1986 with the original bodyCushionTM, the first full-body positioning cushion available, and went on to develop other orthopaedic positioning products.

At Relaxus UK, we’re honoured to supply these high-quality and life-changing products to the UK market. If you want to know more about Body Support products or have any specific enquiries, please contact us for a chat.